Custom Dental Care Program

Finally, Access to Quality
Dental Care for Those
Without Dental Insurance


No Longer Must the Uninsured
Be Denied Great Dental Care.

A message from Dr. Scapillato to patients without dental insurance

For too long the uninsured people of the Chicago area have been denied great dental care simply because they do not have insurance to cover the basic costs of preventive care. Or they are forced to pay for all dental expenses out-of-pocket. As a dentist of fifty years, and having treated thousands of patients, I do not believe this to be right. Everyone should have access to great affordable dental care, regardless of insurance or not. I have created a program that will change that. The following is a complete guide to our Customized Dental Care Program. Our Customized Dental Care Program is not insurance, rather a program to make preventive care dentistry available to anyone who does not have dental insurance. It is designed to offset the costs associated with preventive care. That includes annual teeth cleanings, oral exams, basic oral x-rays, oral cancer screenings, fluoride treatment for children, and COVID tests. If you currently do not have dental insurance, this program is for you. If you do have dental insurance, you are not eligible for this program.

After reading this material, you will decide either this is right for you and enrolling in one of the customized plans is simple, or, you will have questions about customizing it for your family. Other dental practices may deny you care because you do not have insurance. Not here. Here we welcome everyone and have plans and programs to provide you the care you deserve.

I am passionate about you and your smile. There is an oral systemic connection between the health of your mouth and your overall health. A happy smile makes for a healthy mind and body. I am committed to keeping you and your smile bright and healthy. I look forward to seeing you in the practice as a patient.

James Scapillato, DDS

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A Healthy Mouth Means a Healthy Life

Forty six percent of Chicagoans are without any form of dental insurance or coverage. The most important portion of your dental health is in preventive care. Just because you do not have dental coverage does not mean you should not have access to regular great preventive dental care.

There are over 600 forms of bacteria in the mouth that can lead to other severe health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes, dementia, osteoporosis, low birth weight in newborn babies and a host of other medically and emotionally debilitating diseases: all possibly avoidable with regular visits to the dentist. It is not talked about enough. Your dentist is the frontline warrior in the fight for total body health.


Healthcare Savings Plan

There is no “SURE” in dental insurance. Insurance companies control the kind of care patients receive; and there is no assurance of receiving care, even if you had insurance. Actually, not having dental insurance is an advantage. It puts you in control of your dental care, not some impersonal company.

For less than the cost of a Starbucks Grande Espresso per week, and definitely less than the cost of dental insurance, all your basic preventive dental care needs for a full year, for one low investment. Regardless of needing an individual or family plan, Family Dental Care of Oak Park has created a Customized Dental Care Program for all who find themselves without dental insurance. These are the only plans of their kind, and available only through Family Dental Care of Oak Park.


Plan Members Receive Specialized,
Annual Preventive Dental Care

Modern medicine as we know it began after the Industrial Revolution during the 18th century. French surgeon, Pierre Fauchard defined the first comprehensive dentistry system, in his book The Surgeon Dentist, published in 1723. Fauchard is recognized as the father of modern dentistry*. Not until recently has the medical community recognized what dentists have known all along, the mouth is the gateway to the body. Your mouth “talks” to your body... ... and your body “listens” to your mouth.” Maintaining a healthy mouth keeps your entire body healthier**. Prevention is the best prescription to a healthy mouth and healthy body. It starts with consistent, regular dental visits. Every member of the Family Dental Care of Oak Park Customized Dental Care Program receives:

  • 2 or 3 routine cleanings (prophylaxis) depending on the plan you chose
  • 2 oral exams
  • Bitewing x-rays
  • 1 oral cancer screening
  • Fluoride treatment
  • COVID Test
  • And a discount on all other services in the practice.

*Pierre Fauchard (January 2, 1679 – March 21, 1761)

** When you brush and floss, keeps your entire body healthier


You may notice we refer to you as a “Member”

That is because, you are a member. You may hear it said in other dental practices, “they treat you ‘like’ family.” Here, YOU ARE FAMILY... a member of our family. Each day we open the doors of our practice to meet and greet our family and to provide the best experience possible. We are committed to your health. It is the only reason we exist

We know that dental care can be a major expense for households. Dental care is an investment in overall long-term health. BUT, because we believe so strongly in making sure you and your family get the very best care and treatment possible, we have created this unique, one-of-a-kind, affordable Customized Dental Care Program.

Bi-annual routine cleanings (prophylaxis)

Even though good dental health includes daily brushing and flossing, at least two visits to the dentist, for a routine deep cleaning, will help prevent most dental conditions. Gum disease, formally known as periodontitis.

Routine cleanings remove plaque from your teeth. Plague is a substance that collects on your teeth. When you run your tongue over your teeth (especially the inside of your teeth) it can cause your teeth to feel rough or fuzzy. It is bacteria that produces acid, which, if not removed, can gradually wear down your teeth and irritate your gums. Gum disease leads to periodontitis, which if left untreated can lead to respiratory disease, rheumatoid arthritis, coronary artery disease, and diabetes. Plaque must be removed in order to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Cleanings also remove tartar or calculus from above the gum line. Tartar is plaque that has hardened on the tooth surface and can be difficult to remove. Polishing your teeth removes stains caused by coffee and other caffeinated drinks, returning your teeth to their natural color

Oral Exams

The dental exam is different from the cleaning in that during a regular examination we are making sure everything is okay. We are looking for possible problems. Spotting a potential problem early is the best approach to avoiding large, painful, and more costly dental treatment later, including irreversible damage.


Examinations include:

  • Oral cancer screening
  • Gum disease evaluation
  • Visual examination for tooth decay
  • Examining x-rays for cysts, tumors, invisible decay, and problems not seen by the naked eye
  • Evaluating current restorations (fillings and others)

Bitewing X-rays

Routine bitewing radiographs are commonly used to examine for interdental caries and recurrent caries under existing restorations. They give us an accurate view of your teeth, bone structure and the early detection of tooth decay.

Radiation is one of the scariest things in the world. It is only natural to be concerned. You can rest assured as we use only digital x-rays in our office. To give you a perspective on how little radiation digital x-rays expose you to think about how many times you talk on a cell phone, are exposed to fluorescent lights, microwaves, and computers. These every day electronics expose you to more radiation than digital dental x rays.


Oral Cancer Screening

Screening is a painless process utilizing a special screening light to detect cancer before you have any symptoms. This can help find oral cancer at an early stage. When abnormal tissue or cancer is found early, it may be easier to treat. By the time symptoms appear, cancer may have begun to spread. No one wants to be told they have cancer. If there were any good news to be told about cancer is that it was caught early. That is why annual oral cancer screenings are recommended in our office. The older you get the higher the need for oral cancer screening. Additionally, people who use tobacco, consume heavy amounts of alcohol, have human papillomavirus (HPV) and/or a family history of cancer must have an annual screening. It is no longer a matter of should, it is a must. If the coronavirus pandemic taught us anything, it was that testing is important.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a mineral your teeth need to help prevent decay by making them resistant to acid attacks by plaque, bacteria, and sugars in the mouth. Fluoride in toothpastes alone is not concentrated enough to provide the protectionyoung children’s teeth need. The additives in today’s waters can counteract the natural fluorides they contain


Plans Available to Fit Your Needs

We understand lifestyle and household dynamics vary, so we have created a plan for everyone’s individual needs. We also have made the plans flexible to add to if your household needs customizing a plan further. Here is a description of each plan and the add-ons available.

We offer five principal plans: (all plans based on individual patients - refer to page 14 for plan details)

Silver Plan:
The Silver Plan is for the individual who prefer the standard individual preventive dental care.

Rose Plan:
Rose includes the benefits of the Silver Plan with an added cleaning, periodontal exam, and fluoride treatment each year.

Bronze Plan:
Bronze is for the patients wanting the most extensive and detailed annual preventive dental care.

Gold Plan:
The Gold Plan is our preventive dental care for kids ages 1 to 12.

Platinum Plan:
The Platinum Plan is our preventive dental care for kids ages 13-17.


If you have paid for preventive care dentistry out of pocket in the past, you will find these plans to be very affordable. If you have had dental insurance, rarely do you ever ‘feel’ the cost, until you reach your plan maximum (average of $1500/patient per year). [Delta Dental – footnote]

There is more to dental care than the procedures a dentist and hygienist will perform. You must also consider the level of care. Dentistry is a business, however here, at Family Dental Care of Oak Park, it is about the care of patients first. Dentists, like our medical counterparts, also take an oath. In the oath it states, “I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.” Dr. Scapillato takes this part of the oath especially seriously. Because it is about patient care.

Compare standard preventive dental care in other offices versus as a member in our Customized Dental Care Program [based on average fees paid out of pocket]

Retail vs our Silver Plan (Standard Preventive Dental Care)

No Insurance-Out of Pocket

Silver Plan Member
Saves Up to 28% Out of Pocket

Retail vs our Bronze Plan (Most Extensive Preventive Dental Care)

No Insurance-Out of Pocket

Silver Plan Member
Saves Up to 39% Out of Pocket


  • The PLAN investment is due as a single annual investment or twelve consecutive installments at signing and the reduced investment will be extended for a period of 1 year from the agreement date
  • This is NOT a dental insurance.
  • If the benefits are not used within the calendar year they expire and the plan’s investment payment is not refundable.
  • All discounted services provided under this plan require payment or payment plan established and approved.


What if we Discover you Require
Dental Treatment Beyond the Scope
of This Preventive Plan?

Dentists often are viewed as the bearers of bad news. When you go to your physician most appointments are typical. You know what is going to happen and rarely does the physician give you bad news. You know he or she is going to tell you to watch what you eat, do not use too much salt, and to get plenty of sleep and exercise.

However, it feels as if every time you go to the dentist, he or she is finding some dental problem needing treated. Many may view this as bad news. The reason you take your car to the auto mechanic for oil changes is to make sure it stays in tip top shape. Rarely does the auto mechanic tell you that your engine must be rebuilt. The same is true at the dentist. In our office, 10% or less of the patients we see for preventive care show signs of significant or immediate dental treatment beyond the usual brushing and flossing instructions from the hygienist.

Most of your preventive care visits will be like those to your physician, fairly routine.

However, on the rare occasion a more serious dental issue is discovered during your visit, you will be presented with options for treatment, estimates for those options, as well as investment options and plans

There are two things to remember, as a member in our Customized Dental Care Program, you receive a discount off all other treatments and products and you are in the driver’s seat. Patients with dental insurance do not receive these discounts.

We are a partner with you in your dental care, but you make the final decisions. That is the very definition of “CARE” in this office.


What Do You Do Next?

“An ounce of prevention is
worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin

There is no argument for the need of preventive dental care. Until now, the barrier to getting it was reserved for only those with dental insurance or paying hefty fees out-of-pocket. There now is a way to get access to quality preventive dental care without breaking the bank.

If you recognize the value in seeing the dentist regularly in order to keep your mouth, body, and mind healthy, and you do not have dental insurance, then the decision is obvious. This program is right for you.

To choose the plan right for you and your family, complete the
online enrollment application by clicking the button below.

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If you would like help choosing or creating the plan right for you,
call 708-249-3314 and a live team member will help you.


Meet Dr. Scapillato

Dr. James Scapillato is the founder of Family Dental Care of Oak Park, co-founder of Oak Park Illinois Wellness, graduate from Loyola University, created the “Dentistry for Special Needs Patients” program taught at Loyola University, treated special needs patients at Illinois Masonic Medical Center Dental Clinic in Chicago, Illinois, and author of Secrets of Successful Marketers. Patients travel from as far as California to receive Jim’s unique quality of care and compassion. He has been featured on the nationally syndicated television program, The Wellness Hour. He is an advocate of the oral systemic approach to dentistry and speaks publicly on the subject.

On the weekends, Jim can be found on his farm in Wisconsin where he has collected some of the most priceless and historical artifacts from the area, where he refurbishes and restores them. He is a father of four, grandfather of 4, and married to the same lady for the past 51 years. He is a native of Chicago


(for patients without insurance)

Our Customized Dental Care Program allows us to give patients without insurance greater access to care. Talk with a clinical team member to see which plan may be right for you.

Silver Plan ..................................................................................... $49/mo

2 Cleanings, 1 Peridontal Exam, 1 Annual Exam, 1 Emergency Exam, 2 Fluoride Treatments, All X-Rays, Intraoral Images, Up to 2 Oral Cancer Screenings.

Rose Plan.......................................................................................$69/mo

3 Cleanings, 2 Peridontal Exams, 1 Annual Exam, 1 Emergency Exam, 3 Fluoride
Treatments, All X-Rays, Intraoral Images, Up to 3 Oral Cancer Screenings.

Bronze Plan.......................................................................................... $108/mo

4 Cleanings, 4 Peridontal Exams, 1 Emergency Exam, 4 Fluoride Treatments, All X-Rays, Intraoral Images, Up to 4 Oral Cancer Screenings

Gold Plan............................................................................................$28.75/mo

2 Cleanings, 2 Annual Exams, 1 Emergency Exam, 2 Fluoride Treatments, All X-Rays (for Kids Ages 1-12)

Platinum Plan...................................................................................$44.25/mo

2 Cleanings, 1 Periodontal Exam, 1 Annual Exam, 1 Emergency Exam, 2 Fluoride Treatments, All X-Rays, Intraoral Images, Up to 2 Oral Cancer Screenings (for Kids Ages 13-17)

The Discounts

  • 10% Off Fillings
  • $100 Off Dental Services (Crowns, Root Care, Bridges, Veneers, Extractions, Orthodontic Care, Periodontal Care, CBCT Care, CBCT Scan, Laser Services)
  • $750 Off Clear Correct Invisible Aligners
  • $100 Off In-Office Whitening
  • $75 Off Take Home Whitening
  • $75 Cash Gift Card for any Patient You Refer to Us
  • 1 Free Rapid COVID Test Annually

Anniversary Gifts

Members Receive 10% Off All Fitness Classes • Choice of 1 Free Nutrition/Weight Loss/Hormone Balancing/Wellness Consultation

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Oak Park Illinois Wellness

In 2022 Dr. Scapillato and his granddaughter Ayanna Kucera launched Oak Park Illinois Wellness, grown from the fundamental principles of total patient health applied in his dental practice. Dr. Scapillato is the only traditional dentist to fully believe in the oral systemic connection between the mouth and body.

Opened on May 14, 2022, Oak Park Illinois Wellness is dedicated to providing the public with a complete, whole-body approach to health. This includes a number of proprietary programs focused on all areas of one’s health, including weightloss. Dr. Scapillato, Ayanna, and their dental team have experienced amazing results of the programs they now offer through the Wellness center.

For more information about Oak Park Illinois Wellness
and the programs they offer, call 708-576-4869 or